5 Tips for Packing Breakables

moving boxesBreakables that can be found in the home come in various forms, including kitchen crockery, ornaments, certain pieces of furniture, and many more. If you are preparing for a move, whether it be interstate, international, long distance or an office move, at Frisco Moving Systems, we have you covered when it comes to advising how to best pack your breakable items.

Top Packing Tips

  • Ensure you have sourced the best packing supplies. For smaller breakable items, you will more than likely require bubble wrap and sturdy boxes. Sometimes tissue paper is great for wrapping glasses in.
  • When packing smaller items in a box, try and use as much soft packaging resources as possible so that there is very little chance of the item being rattled and broken from inside the box.
  • For larger items such as a glass coffee table or TV, you may want to consider polystyrene or soft pellets when packing them.
  • By enlisting in a professional moving company such as Frisco Moving Systems, you can be guaranteed that your breakable and delicate items will be moved with care and will be well looked after from point A to point B.
  • Unpacking can often be as tricky as packing the breakable items. When removing your belongings from their packaging, ensure that you are being extra careful and unwrap gently.

Speak To Frisco Moving Systems about Packing Your Breakables

If you are planning a move and would like to find out more helpful tips on how to carefully and safely pack your most cherished belongings, contact us at Frisco Moving Systems online, or pick up the phone and call us at 888-213-4627.

Not only can we help you with packing of your items, but we can also assist when it comes to creating moving checklists, moving specialty of large items, and storage, should you require it.