Five International Moving Tips

International Moving Tips

Whether you are moving out of the country or back home to the United States, an international move is a big undertaking and requires planning. We at Frisco Moving Systems Corporation want to help make your move as easy as possible with five international moving tips.

 1. Downsize 

When moving internationally, less is definitely more. It is easy to get attached to all the “stuff” one accumulates, but trying to take every last thing you own can be complicated, stressful and expensive. Consider your international move a great opportunity to get rid of things you don’t truly need.

 2. Say No to Books 

Books can be one of the more undesirable items to move because their weight adds up fast, which makes transporting them expensive. Consider purchasing a tablet device or e-reader for reading and storing books and either give your books away or put them in storage while you are gone.

 3. Confirm Appliance Compatibility 

Before you pack-up all your appliances, such as hairdryers, blenders, alarm clocks and microwaves, it is helpful to confirm they will work once you arrive at your new destination. Many countries use different plug types and voltage amounts and there is a good chance you will need to buy adapters.

4. Consider Additional Insurance 

Another international moving tip is to consider buying more insurance. It is a good idea to do an itemized inventory of everything being moved, including placing a specific value on each item. Some experts also suggest adding the cost of moving an item to its overall value.

 5. Pick the Right Moving Company 

Choosing a good moving company is critical to the success of your international move. Start the search process by getting moving company recommendations from people you know. Once you have narrowed down the list, check company references.

These five international moving tips can help your move go more smoothly. If you have questions about moving internationally, please contact us at Frisco Moving Systems Corporation at [phone].