How to Pack Fragile Dishes

Packing Moving BoxesPacking can be a frustrating and laborious task. You need to ensure you have the correct boxes, sufficient padding and strong tape to avoid any unwanted accidents. If you’re not into DIY packing, you can use a professional moving company such as Frisco Moving Systems to help you pack fragile items including dishes and glass wear. If you would prefer to pack these types of items yourself, there are a few steps on how to pack dishes that you may want to follow to ensure their safety.

 Tips on How to Pack Dishes

  • In the moving and packing industry, boxes used to pack dishes are referred to as dish pack barrels. These boxes are sized so that no more than 10lbs can be held inside. If you pack dishes into a box and it are heavier than 10lbs, chances are the box may break or be difficult to move.
  • If there are any spaces inside your box of dishes, insert foam pieces, polystyrene or old newspaper. It’s important to pad the box with any of these before inserting your wrapped items.
  • Wrap each individual dish in newspaper of bubble wrap. By wrapping each piece separately, you are ensuring their safety. Carefully layer each item and pad appropriately when placing into the box.
  • Dishes should always be placed on their edge when packed into boxes as they are stronger that way.
  • Once you have filled your box of dishes, firmly secure the lid with strong, durable tape which is obtainable through Frisco Moving Systems.

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