Moving With Pets: Our Top Pet Relocation Tips

How to Move with PetsIf you have a pet, you will understand how important it is that it’s settled when you move home. Pet relocation should be taken very seriously and all aspects should be covered to ensure that your furry friend is as happy as can be when relocating to a new family home.

Be Prepared when it Comes to Pet Relocation

Have Toys to Hand for the Move – To ensure your pet is settled on the journey to your new home, bring all of its favorite toys to keep it occupied on the journey. A blanket may also be a good resource if your pet becomes tired and needs to use it during the journey.

Bring Food and Water – You don’t know what will happen when moving to your new home. There may be delays or traffic on the road which means you will be without food and water for you and your pet for a while. When it comes to pet relocation, you should stock up on pet food and have water for the journey.

Register with New Vets – Before you move, make sure that you have registered with a local vet – you never know when you may need the professional help of a vet.

Make Your New Home Pet Friendly – If you have a cat, you’ll want to install cat-flaps. Some pet-owners may want to fix guards on certain doors so large dogs can’t access some of the rooms in the house. Find out what modifications your new home will need prior to moving.

Frisco Moving Systems will Help You Move

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