Summer Moving Checklist

Summer Moving ChecklistSummertime is a very popular time of the year to move. The weather tends to be good, kids are on holiday (which avoids disruption to their term time), and prices are competitive meaning that buyers tend to get a better deal.

When moving home, whether it be down the street, internationally, or cross country, it is important to be as organized as possible. A good way to stay organized is to write checklists for your summer move.

A clear-out checklist

Moving at any time of the year is a good opportunity to conduct a clear-out of belongings that you may no longer need. You can begin by making a list of items that you want to throw out or recycle, donate to charity, or sell. Your clear-out checklist might even be room specific i.e. you have separate lists detailing the items to be removed in each room.

To-do Checklist

There are a number of things that you must remember to do when it comes to moving home. However, there tends to be a few extra things that a seller must do when moving home in summer. Light gardening, painting of fences and ensuring that your home is fresh and ready for the new owners is highly important. These tasks can get on top of you, so it may be helpful to create a to-do checklist to keep you right.

Checklist for the Moving Company

A good and professional moving company will want as much direction as possible when it comes to helping you move. This is why making a simple, but precise checklist for the movers can be very helpful and save a lot of time and questions. This checklist can detail where things should go, how many boxes are to be moved and so on and so forth.

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