Things to Know About a Spring Move

Young Family Moving Into New HomeWhen it comes to moving, for many, there really isn’t a perfect time. However, moving home in spring means that you can be in your new home just in time for the summer months, without the stress, heat and high costs of moving in summer.

Avoid Summer and Winter Moves

The worst time period of the year to move tends to be during summer and winter. A summer move can be very tiring and stressful due to the high temperatures and busy holiday period, and a winter move may interrupt thanksgiving and Christmas.

While it’s usually cheaper to move during spring, it also works out cheaper if you can arrange to move on a weekday as opposed to on the weekend. There is usually a lot more availability during the week, which means you won’t need to settle for second best.

A Spring Move is the Least Stressful Move

When spring comes round, so does the nice weather. It is also the most popular time of the year to conduct a big clear out. A spring clean would tie in nicely with a spring move, and means that you may actually earn some extra cash by selling things at a garage sale or online auction.

Not only should your home be tidy and organized for prospective buyers, but you should also ensure that your garden is in tip-top condition – especially since the first flowers of spring will have begun to appear.

Contact Frisco Moving to Plan Your Spring Move

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