Two Tips for Packing Moving Boxes

Packing Moving BoxesPacking is a necessary part of moving, and doing it properly can save you time upfront and spare you frustration after you arrive at your new home. Frisco Moving Systems Corporation has over 25 years of experience helping customers pack and move.

1. Have the Right Supplies

One of the best tips for packing moving boxes is to have the right supplies before you begin.

  • Packaging Materials

Bubble wrap and peanuts are great packaging materials. They are preferable to newspaper because it may smudge and leave stains. Towels, sheets and sweaters can also be used to cushion fragile items and as filler for partially empty boxes.

  • Boxes

Boxes are one of the most critical packing supplies. It is very helpful to have an assortment of different sized boxes. Items like books are better suited to smaller boxes because they can quickly get heavy, which can make them difficult to move. Large boxes are fine for lighter things like clothing and pillows.

2. Plan for Unpacking in Your New Home

In the rush to finish packing moving boxes, it is easy to end up randomly throwing things in haphazardly. This method can make unpacking a nightmare. Try to put items that belong in the same room in the same box and be sure to write the room name on the outside of the box. Doing this will help you avoid dragging heavy boxes around your home to get them to the right place after the movers have left. You’ll also want to place boxes in the room so that they’re well out of the way when you bring in furniture pieces. You don’t want any injuries your first day in your new home.

Most people don’t move very often and may not be familiar with the best process for packing moving boxes. Spending a little time planning out your packing can make your move a much more pleasant experience. Please contact us here at Frisco Moving Systems Corporation at [phone] for help with all your packing and moving needs.